This is how we Three Five Two.

To be more than projects, procedures and pixels – a team you want to work with, a culture you want to be part of, a company that inspires you.

How We Work

How we work

More agile than acrobats.

Life changing. Intense. Unreal. Those are just some words that clients use to describe our agile web development process. Sure, you expect to be blown away by the end product, but how many can say they genuinely enjoyed the web development journey? Our clients can. Don't believe us? See what it's like for yourself.

How we work

Our Story

Our story

A 17-year-old start-up.

We have your typical dorm room to boardroom story, except change dorm room to UF fraternity house and boardroom to open-floor plan. From our early days as SpyderWeb Page Creation making $79 websites to a 80-plus person team across three offices working with some seriously amazing clients, we're all grown up but still stick to our start-up roots.

Our People

Our people

Seriously inspired folks.

We don't respond well to cold weather, a 9-5 schedule or being told we can't do something. We do, however, really like BBQ, HTML5, craft beer and this little thing called the Internet. Basically, we're a curious group of folks who just want to create inspiring projects.

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Our People


All in a day’s work.

Our days may feature the occasional Nerf war or ping-pong tournament, but in between we’re hard at work building something awesome. 352 is always looking for people who share our passion for creating inspiring work. Want in?

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Our Offices

Our offices

Three sweet locations.

There's a reason we're rooted firmly in the Southeast: We hate the cold. A lot. Plus, we really like the SEC. We have offices in three sweet locations and work with clients pretty much everywhere. Thankfully, Skype keeps us connected across state lines.

In the News

In the news

Do I know you?

We hope so. Not only is our name from the area code of our home town (Gainesville, FL), we also don't like to sit still for too long. From community outreach to guest blogging and press mentions, you may have seen us around a lot of places. These are just some of them.

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