User Insights

Numbers never lie.

We believe in making data-driven decisions. We don't throw something up and hope it works. We have the numbers to support it. Everything we do, from design to marketing, is backed by serious data.

That's just how we roll.

Rather than relying on guesswork or the opinions of your most vocal visitors, we comb through your users and your analytics to make informed decisions about your website, application or marketing campaign.

Number Hills
User Dossiers

Know your users, know your business.

Think of our user insights as the dashboard of your business. While you drive your business, we can arm you with the data to improve performance, avoid penalties and gain new customers.

By analyzing your traffic, activity and products, we help you understand your users and optimize their online experience to help you drive sales. We'll use the following tools to make sure we know your users as well as they know themselves:

  • User Research
  • Google Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Heatmaps
  • Usability Testing

Helping your users help you.

There's no such thing as an offline and an online customer anymore. Everyone interacts with your website in a different way. Analytics allow us to monitor how your users get to your site, what content they engage with and if they use your site the way you want them to.

With proper user insights, we make it easy as possible for visitors to become a new customer, continue to be a customer or turn into your brand evangelist.