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The New Cummins Engines website is running on all cylinders

A fully responsive site developed and launched in just 6 weeks.

Overview is the customer-focused marketing website of the engine business of Cummins Inc., the Fortune 500 company that designs, manufactures and distributes engines and related technologies.

It needed a revamp to better convey the Cummins brand promise of dependability, to easily help visitors find information, and to work seamlessly with whatever device visitors were using. on a Smart Phone
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30% Faster page load times
6wks. For a fully functional website
Cummins Research

"The team didn't just take what we designed; they incrementally made it better."

Brittney Sheffield
Marketing Strategist - 352

Putting in the research serves multiple sectors — everything from pickup trucks to enormous mining haul trucks to locomotives — each with their own target audience. We spoke to 20 stakeholders to flesh out each of their individual needs. We analyzed the needs of every marketing team, staying focused on a customer-centered approach, and supplied guidance for an up-to-date design.

We reviewed more than 1,000 customer satisfaction surveys drawn from the existing website that showed us four areas that were inhibiting

  1. Confusing navigation
  2. Outdated design with poor content layout
  3. Technical errors creating a slow-loading website
  4. Poor content layout

Users couldn't easily find content they expected on the website, and they didn't know how to find the right engine.


UX research tells us everything

Armed with our research, we designed mockups that solved each sector's pain points and their users' frustrations. We started with two different concepts for the new website's overarching look and feel that adhered to Cummins' brand guidelines.

Cummins Planning
Brittney SheffieldLeonardo RodriguesLincoln AndersonMatt SchillerMichelle BrownsteinPeter Brownstein

The team behind the magic

Given the complexity of the project, we knew agile web development would be the most efficient way to tackle Transparency, communication and flexibility are the cornerstones of agile web development. Teams work in many one- or two-week sprints focused on one project, building separate pieces during each sprint. Clients get full access to every team member and can adjust what we're working on as needed.

Design Backend

Content was one of the biggest concerns for because they had so much of it. We prioritized to build the content management system in the first week. That way, their team could begin to integrate content and give us suggestions to improve this feature while we finished building the other pieces of the site.

photo of Lincoln Anderson

"The design for Cummins Engines was very focused on the types of users that are coming to the site and what their concerns were."

Lincoln Anderson
Senior Interactive Designer - 352 Frontend

We also created a custom Engine Finder, providing a central engine library that would allow the end users to get the engine they are looking for by using simple global filters built into the tool.

photo of Lisa Eubank

"They really helped me feel like a valued member of the team and together we collaborated and created this thing that we're very proud of."

Lisa Eubank
Manager, Digital Marketing - Cummins Inc.

Bringing it all together

Cummins Engines had a lot of content. Our CMS helped their team integrate the content. Now, we needed to help their users find what they were looking for.

First, we simplified their navigation to better direct them where to go. Once they got to their engine, we gave them an easy way to access all the different material about that engine. Before, that content was not only spread across different sections, but some of it was even on a different website.

Cummins Design Screenshot original design

Original on Desktop

Redesign on Tablet

Mini Tablet on Smart Phone



Our results

"Our customers are giving us higher ratings and they are able to find what they need. We are getting higher satisfaction ratings in general."

Lisa Eubank
Electronic Marketing Manager - Cummins Inc.

Launch Full Site

Cummins Results
30% Faster page load time
42% More pages per visit from mobile visitors
12% More unique visitors
15% Drop in bounce rate
24% More pages per visit from all visitors
6wks. For a fully functional website