New American Funding makes the American dream a reality

To supplement a growing offline brand, we nearly doubled their leads from the website.

New American Funding website design

Primed for conversions

New American Funding is a national mortgage banker who needed an enhanced digital presence that matched their offline marketing.


Search engines are one of the first places people go when they're buying a home, and nearly every one of them will need a loan.

New American Funding had a growing brand name from their offline marketing, but they were still a small player compared to Quicken Loans and Lending Tree. They needed an updated website to match their values, and a robust search marketing campaign to go with it.

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91% Increase in leads
155% Increase in unique visitors

Our Approach

We knew we couldn't compete with larger brands on the general industry terms like “mortgages” and “home loans.” Instead, we built the website with landing pages for the states that New American Funding licenses home loans in and the individual loan types. This created multiple entrance points with content tailored specifically to what their potential customers were searching for.



Mapping out the new layout was the critical first step. New American Funding had a lot of content, and we needed an efficient way to categorize it all so users could find what they're looking for faster. That way out copywriter could know how much space they had for text.


We built upon New American Funding's existing brand elements to establish the tone, look and feel for the site. This made sure they were represented consistently no matter where their users were interacting with them. We then gave the site a friendlier feel with a more pronounced call to action to help funnel visitors to the right areas.

Wireframe creation for New American Funding

"Before development started, we made sure to nail down a cohesive style library of various site elements. That way, as we approached new UIs, we had a solid base to develop on."

Nick Forneris, Interactive Designer

Designing a library of elements for New American Funding

Spotting industry trends

In 2012, we noticed more and more news outlets referencing HARP 2.0, an update to 2009 Home Affordable Refinance Program that helped borrowers who were underwater refinance for a better rate.

Seeing a good opportunity to capture more traffic, we helped create a HARP 2.0 page early on. Being one of the first sources, they ranked quickly for a highly competitive term searched more than 20,000 times each month.

Spotting industry trends for New American Funding

Conversion Rate Optimization

Traffic to their first-time home buyer page had increased 140%, but those new visitors weren't converting to customers. We ran multivariate testing with more visually appealing content and a more direct call to action to see what their users responded to the best.

"We're focused on bringing you more customers. More traffic alone doesn't pay your bills."

- Erin Everhart, Director of Digital Marketing

89%More visits to a lead-converting page
68%More leads
Conversion Rate Optimiation for New American Funding

91% Increase in leads

155% Increase in unique visitors

1,253% Increase in non-branded search traffic

Rosemarie Pirio, Marketing Manager, New American Funding

"You don't have to hope and guess that they're taking the right steps to improve your SEO."

Rosemarie Pirio, Marketing Manager, New American Funding