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Overview is the world's first free online fundraising platform. That's enough to make them stand out, but with the vast majority of their clients raising money for medical expenses, it's easy to see why they're in a league of their own.

On a tight deadline for a new site, came to us to clean up their website and recharge their digital marketing. We immediately were invested in their cause, but we never could have imagined what it turned out to be.

Agile Gears
Agile Development
Digital Marketing Knife
Digital Marketing
866% Increase in visitors
2nd Largest fundraising platform
First launch

First launch

The existing website was not able to support the increased visitors volume. Coupled with some inconsistent functionality, an outdated admin and security issues, they were on a tight deadline to get a new website up fast.

Working in agile web development, we deployed the updated site in less than 6 weeks. The new site improved their backend management system, updated their security protocol and allowed users to create fundraisers and garner donations.

Moving in

Open communication is critical for any project, and gets that. They actually moved into our Tampa office's conference room during Agile Sprints to be closer to the team. Working so closely together opened up communication lines so they could give us immediate feedback on things we were working on. Plus, a lot can be said for someone's body language that you just don't get over the phone.

Development team

Mike Blasco
picture of Michael Blasco
Christa Garcia
picture of Christa Garcia
Brent Walbolt
picture of Brent Walbolt
Evol Greaves
picture of Evol Greaves
Chuck Langford
picture of Chuck Langford

Usually, a website launch is the end. For, it was just the beginning.

Expediting the launch allowed us to get the site in front of its users sooner so we could make better decisions faster. Brock and his team were also a constant source of ideas, and our agile process allowed us to iterate and launch every couple of weeks to bring those ideas to life.

Our Workflow Cycle

"We saw exactly how the site made users feel and interact. That type of data is invaluable when you're building a site."

Christa Garcia Development Team Coordinator - 352

Social media sharing

Social media is the crux of how people would raise money, so we made it as easy as possible for them to share. We created custom social sharing buttons throughout every step when people were creating and managing their fundraisers. We also made it easy for supporters to share a specific fundraiser.

Social Sharing sites for YouCaring

"Seeing all these people who are so willing to help their fellow man when they're in need: That's the most inspiring thing in the world."

Brian Russell
Senior Marketing Strategist - 352

Sharing with Facebook on YouCaring

More ways to raise wanted to make raising money as easy as possible. We helped them do that in two ways:


Widget created for YouCaring

Through user testing, we found many fundraisers also had their own blog. We gave them a custom widget to easily embed on their other websites that allowed them to accept donations without ever leaving the page.


Subscribe to users feature on YouCaring

Donors wanted to be kept in the loop about how a specific fundraiser was going. We gave fundraisers an Update section to keep supporters informed through the website, social media and email.


UX team

picture of Krissy Scoufis
Krissy Scoufis
picture of Adam Davis
Adam Davis
picture of Tim Pratt
Tim Pratt
UX comps for YouCaring

Putting in the research

Prior to the initial redesign, customers were frustrated at the lengthy and buggy fundraiser sign up process. We conducted a heuristic analysis of the site, and produced a list of recommendations along with wire frames for the development team.

Getting a deeper understanding of the users and their needs allowed us to create a streamlined sign-up system and efficient fundraiser management interface.

Following each iterative release, we observed users interact with the site to continually improve on each experience, with stunning results.

Increase in visitors to the site866% Increase in visitors
Increase in unique visitors to the site Millions of unique visitors
per month

Digital Marketing Team

picture of Brittney Sheffield
Brittney Sheffield
picture of Brian Russell
Brian Russell
picture of Mike Cushing
Mike Cushing
Fostering a community for YouCaring was 5th in their market when we started digital marketing. They had traffic, and they had decent search rankings, but they lacked a community. Without building a single link, we helped be No. 2 in market share for fundraising platforms.

"We didn't chase an algorithm or over-optimize a keyword. We created a community where a million different conversations were appearing from real people talking about That's marketing."

Brian Russell
Senior Marketing Strategist - 352 is about people helping people. After they do, they want to share it, and maybe even encourage a few friends to do the same. That's where we focused our digital marketing.

We helped Brock realize which social platforms were best for the users. That way we gave them what was best for them, which increased the number of shares each fundraiser received.


Outside the U.S., Canada, UK and Australia were's biggest traffic sources. We helped Brock unlock the potential for those areas and targeted our digital marketing efforts on those locations specifically to increase his presence internationally.

Enhanced data analysis

A website is worth little if you don't know how it's working. We helped Brock better capture his users information so he could make better decisions about how to grow

Mobile wasn't mobile friendly, but 46% of his traffic was coming from people on their Smartphone or tablet. Unlocking that potential helped Brock forecast how much more money people could raise if they made a more optimized mobile donation process.


"The Tampa Team produced a smoking website."

Brock Ketcher

$415k Raised in a single day
Millions of unique visitors per month
2x Increase in fundraisers created per day
866% Increase in visitors
2nd Largest fundraising platform
$10.59million Donated in Jan 2014
(661% increase)